Terms and Conditions!

This smart screening of COVID-19 is provided by Reliefme.org to help you if you do not have immediate
Health care need.
(Please refer to hospital if you are sick and need immediate medical care)

This tool provides you likelihood of having COVID-19(SARS-_) virus through self-screening and monitoring
changes if you are in self isolation or quarantined at home.

This is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment of disease or other
conditions, including COVID-19.
Always consult a medical professional for serious symptoms or emergencies.
This is NOT ALTERNATIVE of clinical test for COVID-19. Please note, COVID-19 positive or negative can
only be confirmed through laboratory Test.

Our application screening results are based on accuracy of information you provide and current
guidelines of identifying symptoms associated with COVID-19.

Your identity will be anonymous however , to use our Alert Hospital service you will be asked to provide
your details such as your Full name, your current location and your phone number, your next of kin contact details.

Personnel identifier e.g. CNIC , SSN , credit card details etc will not be asked

Which of the following COVID-19 symptoms are you facing?

Have you experienced any of these medical histories?

NOTE: The results are not foolproof. They are based upon the samples you record. Better and clearer the audio, more accurate are the results.

Instructions on how to record!!

Please record your Cough for minimum 10 seconds. If the recording stops before 10 sec, remove cough and rerecord.

    Please record your Deep Breath Sound for minimum 10 seconds.